When Bea finds a mysterious 'space-fridge' with her name on it, she opens it to become the owner of a special battlesuit. At first it doesn't seem to do anything, but when enormous robot creatures turn up and put her friend Owen's life in danger, she realises she'll have to figure out how it works - and quickly.

The battlesuit, she discovers, can download the abilities from each monster attacking her. Defeat a flying monster, and the battlesuit can make Bea fly. Defeat a mud monster, and the battlesuit fires gallons of wet mud. The only problem is, Bea has to defeat the monsters before she can claim their abilities. And there are a great number of them on the way...

BATTLESUIT BEA ran in The Phoenix comic in 2015. I'm excited to create a lot more strips for it in the future, however, there's a huge story waiting to be told!