I created, and edit, the free digital children's comic anthology MOOSE KID COMICS for a few reasons:

1) To help the UK children's comic scene get back on its feet. Talking to other artists, we felt there was a real lack of quality, original comic content for children, despite there being a wealth of talent ready to create. So, we banded together, and Moose Kid Comics is our contribution to the world, our shot across the bow, our statement of intent.

2) To entertain young and old alike, and especially reach people who might otherwise not read comics.

MOOSE KID COMICS prides itself on its roster of characters - all ridiculous, hysterical, wonderful creations from over 40 different artists. We release a new issue every year, the first two issues (and a Christmas special) are available to read here

In late 2015 we also ran a funding drive, the aim being to get Moose Kid comics printed up and sent out to hospitals, hospices and charities around the UK. We smashed our fundraising target on day one, and went on to raise over five thousand pounds in a month. Thanks to our funders, and the excellent charity Readathon, we're able to send out thousands of beautifully printed full colour comics, on big newspaper sized pages, to scores of children who need cheering up.

This is where comics come into their own. We can do some really amazing things. And with Moose Kid hopefully we can keep on doing them.