Pete Whubble strives for more.

Like all cats, he leaves the family home every morning and goes to work in an office down the street. While the soul-crushing grind of endless filing and paperwork tests his patience, it is his co-workers and the incompetent management who really ruin his day. Frank, for example, his twisted jester of a friend. Or Mister Squeakychew, the department manager, a dog hopelessly misplaced in charge of all these cats. In fact, a whole line-up of miscreants take it in turns to crumble away a little bit more of Whubble’s sanity.

And all the while, two big questions hang over them all; What is it this company actually does?

And how long can we pretend to keep doing it?

WHUBBLE could be called a biting satire on office life, a journey through personal despair and loneliness, or just a bunch of animals wearing ties and answering phones. It’s all of those things, wrapped around a weary hero who is struggling to keep his head while everyone else is losing theirs.

WHUBBLE has run on-and-off as a webcomic for many years, building a loyal audience and amassing over 150 strips. One day we’ll make a book.